My little loves, Hadley and Nora.

Hadley turned four just last month and is the sweetest little girl with the purest heart. She loved her first year of preschool, she asks me all the time when she gets to go back to school. Summer break isn't a concept she gets quite yet but I keep telling her she'll love it when she's older!

Her answer for everything these days is, "Because I'm 4!". She's such a sweet big sister to Nora and I love to watch them interact and play together. Now that Nora is talking so much, their stories and imaginative play are so entertaining to listen to.

Hadley is my girl's girl. She loves to have her nails painted, dress up in different outfits and she accessorizes better than I do. Lately I've been asked to host daily fashion shows and introduce her and Nora in different outfits, and voices. She didn't ask for the voices but you know, gotta entertain myself somehow.

Her other loves include My Little Pony, our new trampoline and snuggling with mommy and daddy (and not in her bunk bed..... #help).

Things we struggle with... not ripping toys away from our little sister and her iPad addiction. More specifically, her addition to Ryan's Toy Review. She knows all of their family members better than some of our own. Again, #help.

Nora is two and she is the definition of an irresistibly naughty toddler. She is the queen of smirks, running away from me and basically doing everything I don't want her to do and smiling at me while she does it. She boils my blood and then shatters my heart into a zillion pieces all in a matter of seconds.

She is the cuddliest little babe who gives the best running-into-your-arms hugs. She loves her doggies, playing with the big kids, being the monster and wrestling wars with daddy and Hadley.

She is wicked smart and never misses a beat. Watching her learn and grow and explore the world around her makes my days.

Things we're working on... not tormenting our older sister for sport and listening to mommy, among several other things :-P

Being their mom is a blessing and I'm so thankful for my little loves. Most of our days are fun and some of our days are hard as shit. Trying to raise them well and not screw it up is the biggest and hardest job in the world but I wouldn't choose anything else. At least not in this exact moment. They're being really nice right now.

Hats off to all the mamas out there!!! You the real MVPs!!!

I love you, my babies!