August 9th... Summer is so fleeting!

We start preschool up for Hadley in about a month so we're over here trying to soak up every last inch of Summer before she kisses us goodbye.

That means finally putting our fairy garden together!

I've been wanting to do this with the girls for a long while now and finally made a trip over to Michaels to get some cute little fairy houses. It was, honestly, kind of pricey at Michaels (I was surprised!) but lazy trumped crafty that morning so we splurged, and I'm vowing to keep our dogs away from it all. Although, Madden, our wild puppy, already put our little fox to rest... sorry little buddy.

The girls have been having a lot of fun playing with them, although I'm not sure if Nora enjoys the fairies or the dirt more?

You could DIY some fairy garden houses and accessories on the cheap with a little bit of effort -- Pinterest has a ton of resources. Cardboard, spray paint and some moss can take you far.

^^Our massive tomato and bell pepper plants that are growing like mad but barely spitting out any fruit! We have lots of flowers so I'm hoping the fruit will be coming out these next few weeks.

We found two little tomatoes the other day and then Nora ripped them right off... face palm.

We headed over to my mom's little horse farm for a sleepover with grandma. She happened to be fostering 7 adorable puppies while we were there so the girls were in heaven.

If you're in the DC-Maryland-VA area and looking for a chocolate lab mix, feel free to email me and I can get you in touch with her!

^^Poor girl cried so hard when we said goodbye to our little furry friends.

The girls helped grandma with her chores around the barn, brushing, feeding and watering the horses, before they got to take turns riding.

Hadley has ridden a few times and loves to do it, but Nora likes to just sit and make serious faces.

It's so beautiful out there in Virginia horse and wine country. If you haven't made the trip, I highly suggest getting to Sunset Hills or Stone Tower Winery for the best sips, bites and views before the Summer ends.

And finally, because I had to build the suspense before telling you the baby news! We found out last week that this little love growing in my belly is... a.... boy!!!!!!

I knew it all along (smirk) but it really was incredible to get the confirmation from the ultrasound. The girls went NUTS, chanting baby brother in the dark room, which was hilarious. I don't think Nora had a clue what was going on, but she was happy to stomp and chant along with her big sis.

They also confirmed that the complications they we're investigating are not actually complications at all, and I can proceed with an unmedicated birth if I choose. That was a big relief, and now a big, "oh shit, better start preparing!!!!!"

I'm currently being seen by several midwives at a birth center but am interviewing with some in-home midwives as well.

I know getting the one-on-one experience throughout this pregnancy will help me tremendously when it comes time to birth the baby without the sweet magic of an epidural, but unfortunately it doesn't look like our insurance will cover the costs of an in-home birth so... gotta figure that nonsense out.

Talking deductibles is high up on my list of most-hated things, along with talking taxes and shopping at Walmart.

So, we'll see what happens. I'm trying to be open-minded and realistic about the finances, but the other part of me knows this is most likely our last baby and I'd really like it to be an experience that we'll treasure for the rest of our lives.

Do you have any experience with home birth?

I've been connecting with others through The Birth Hour (an amazing podcast about all types of births, if you haven't listened!) and mom groups on Facebook, and it's been the biggest boost of confidence to hear other women talk about their experiences, resources that helped them and how possible it really is, if your health and your baby's health allow it.

Welp, there's nothing quite like talking about the miracle of birth and babies coming out of vaginas at 9am! I hope this has really invigorated your Wednesday morning.

Toodaloo friends,