Before we talk food I want to express my incredible sadness over yesterday's Las Vegas shooting. What a terrible thing to wake up to - the new deadliest mass shooting in American history.

That title used to be held years ago by my university, Virginia Tech. I still remember where I was that day, and where I was the day of the Colorado movie theater shooting, the day of Pulse night club, and the day of Sandy Hook.

I remember these days just like I remember 911 because they feel the same. They punch me in the gut and rip out my heart in the same way because they're all acts of terrorism.

After 911 noticeable changes we're made to our aiport security measures. 16 years later and many of those changes have worked in preventing hijacking of airplanes. Yet with these shootings, little seems to happen in the legislature to prevent white men from obtaining high caliber weapons and emptying magazines into crowds of unsuspecting human beings.

You would think that the murder of innocent 6- and 7-year-olds at Sandy Hook would have been the slap in the face that Congress needed to enact serious change in our gun laws, but here we are. Still suffering fear, loss and utter sensless tragedy.

And the absolute worst part of it all? So many of us thought to ourselves, "Oh, another shooting."

We are completely and utterly desensitized to massive amounts of murder happening against mothers, brothers, grandchildren, fathers, sisters, friends.

Loved ones.


People with full and beautiful lives ahead of them.


The Washington Post published this story yesterday, 50 Years of U.S. Mass Shootings, which attempts to do what the gun lobby does not want you to do.. the math.

26 in an elementary school. 32 on a college campus. 49 in a nightclub. At least 59 at a music festival.

With at least 4 victims killed by a lone shooter, we come to 131 events since 1966.

949 victims. 264 guns, most of which were obtained legally in this country. 134 shooters. 40 states and the District, all places of mass shootings.


And what about all the other issues outside of these horrific mass shootings involving guns? Domestic violence, suicide, child and teen accidents.

To be blunt, I don't care about your gun rights. Honestly. I could give two shits about your recreational hunting or your right to carry. It's not worth it. It's not worth this much loss of life. There are other ways to do this. We are not the America who wrote that piece of constitution in 1776. Our world is very different and assault weapons do not have a place in our society.

It's time the people we elect, whose main purpose is to serve and protect the American people, start doing their jobs.

To stay up-to-date on the conversation, legislation and ways to get involved in your state, sign up at Everytown for Gun Safety or text "ACT" to 644-33 to join the movement and contact your representatives.

Other organizations fighting for sensible gun laws are the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and if you'd like to join other moms, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is a grassroots movement started by stay-at-home-moms following the Sandy Hook shooting.

Our children deserve to go to school without having to participate in active shooter drills. We deserve to enjoy concerts and sporting events and dinner in crowded restaurants without eyeing the nearest exits. And like Everytown said today, "It's not too early to talk about solutions to gun violence. It's too late."

To those of you who have lost loved ones and are suffering from this horrific event, I am so sorry for your pain, and that our country has utterly failed you.